Registration Preview

This section will give you a step by step guide on the registration process. Once registered, you will be able to login to add your information (individual and group registration, accommodation booking, insurance purchase, etc.). This does not need to be done in one single sitting, all information can be reviewed and edited at any time prior to payment so you can easily complete the registration process in several sittings. The following step-by-step guide will ensure that you know what to expect before registration.

Register now

Step 1 - Initial registration

New users will be able to create an account on that page. Afterwards, returning users can log in to review/edit their information. For new users, please click on "register" (1).

registration step1

Step 2 - Agreement of use

Please read the "Personnal Information Policy" and click on "Agree" (2).

registration step2

Step 3 - Initial Registration

Please provide your personnal details. These will be used to create your account. Additional attendees can be added later during the registration process. Once you are done, click on "Confirm" (3).

registration step3

Step 4 - Review your account information

Please review your information. If everything is correct, click on "Registration" (4) to create your account and proceed to the registration process.

registration step4

Step 5 - My Page

Once registration is completed, this page will be your home page from which you will make all necessary changes to your registration. Click on "Participant Information" (5) to review your informattion.

registration step5

Step 6 - Representative information

Here you will provide additional information about the main representative. Make sure you read the "Seminar Participant Agreement" before you go forward. Please fill in all information and click on "confirm" (6).

registration step6

Step 7 - Review your information

Review your information and if changes need to be made, click on "Revise". If all information is correct, press "Registration" (7).

 registration step7

Step 8 - My Page

In this step, you will be taken to your homepage. New menus will be available to:

  1. Add party members
  2. Book full seminar 
  3. Book accommodation for you and your party members (separately if needed)
  4. Proceed to payment
  5. Review/Cancel information (possible without fee if done before making the payment)

The form only allows booking for the full seminar. If you plan not to attend every class, please register on site before each class. You can register in Takasaki if you will be attending only three days and you will be given a receipt for that. If you practice for three days you can pay 9000 yen in Takasaki plus insurance.

You can come back to that page at any time to complete or amend your information.

 registration step8