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This section presents you with essential information for day-to-day life during your stay in Takasaki. Make sure you study it carefully to ensure a comfortable stay in Japan

Information points

The city of Takasaki has recently installed several Touch Panel Information Devices that provide information in several languages. There are 4 Locations at which the devices are located:

  1. Takasaki JR Station Visitor Center (in front of the ticket gates)
  2. Takasaki Metropolitan Hotel (front lobby, 6th floor, within the same building as Takasaki Station)
  3. Takashimaya Department Store (West side of Takasaki Station in the shop entrance)
  4. View Hotel (Front lobby 1st floor)

Touch Screen
Touch Screens allow quick and easy navigation
This information is available in 5 languages
Shop Information
Detailed information about shops and restaurants at your fingertips
QR Code
Learn more by scanning the QR code with your smartphone
Takasaki Station
Takasaki Station is one of the 4 locations where the the touchscreens have are available

Cash Withdrawal by Credit Card in Japan

Money can be withdrawn by international Visa and MasterCard credit cards from the local 7/11 convenience stores and local post offices. Internationally issued Visa and MasterCard cannot be used at other brands of convenience stores.

Also, even though changing currency from US Dollars to Japanese Yen is possible at the local Gunma Bank, we have been informed that exchange usually takes a long time. For this reason, we strongly ask that any participants from abroad change their currencies, either in their own country, or at the airport upon arrival in Japan.

General ATM information

Transport in Takasaki

Takasaki Bicycle Rental. Bicycles can be rented and returned at various locations on the west side of Takasaki Station for 100 Yen. Please consult the following map for reference showing the locations to pick up and return the bicycles.

Bus Routes

The Takasaki Arena is within walking proximity of the city center hotels (about 10 min walk), therefore it may be more practical to walk to and from the Arena.


The city offers both launderettes and coin laundries. Both are shown on the map below.

Cheap restaurants and Internet cafes

There is a large number of businesses in the area surrounding the station and for your reference, please consult this link, which shows the locations of some popular cafes and restaurants. A printable version of this map is available at this link.

Main locations for everyday life in Takasaki.

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