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Takasaki Arena

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Takasaki Arena Takasaki Arena

The construction work for the new Takasaki Arena started during fiscal year 2014 and it is scheduled to be completed by August 2016 for a cost close to 10.9 billion yen. The purpose of this 1,3145m², 3-story building will be to serve as a venue for major sports events and competitions, including as a training center for the upcoming 2020 Olympics, and as a live venue for concerts. Takasaki Arena will be conveniently located a 7 minute walk from JR Takasaki Station.

The complete facilities include excellent spectator seating, a Sub Arena, as well as judo and kendo halls in the basement.

First floor

Main arena

The Main Arena will consist of a space of 85m x 42m, 3570 (ceiling height ranging from 17.5 to 19m) with room for more than 1000 tatami mats, which is ideal for training seminars. The facilities seating capacity will be up to 6015 persons.

Sub arena

The sub arena will consist of a space of 26.8 x 38.5m for a ceiling height of 15m. Seating capacity will consist of about 100 mobile seats.

Sports Center F1

Second Floor

Promenade area

The Civic Promenade (91m x 7-15m, 1190 m²) on the second floor is a foyer space that can be used for the gatherings and socials. It will also serve as a 280 running track.

Sports Center 2F


Judo hall, Kendo hall, car park

Sports Center B1

Street access

Sports Center street

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